More Graveyard Superstitions

Call them old wives tales, folklore, or prophecy superstitions are beliefs we hold whether they have any rational basis or all. They remind us of the fact that our actions have consequences, some can be bad but some can be good as well. Whether you find cemeteries fascinating monuments to past lives, or eerie gardens housing the dead, knowing the lore surrounding them can save you from some pretty undesired outcomes. Here are some of the gravest superstitions around.

Concerning Graves

Don’t worry so much about what’s written on the tombstone, instead look at the ground above the grave. If the person buried lived a good life, flowers will grow on the grave. If the person was evil, weeds will grow. Despite how pretty the flowers may be, whether placed there by loved ones or growing wild you should never take flowers from a grave or that spirit will haunt you. Graves should be oriented so that the bodies lie with their heads to the West and their feet to the East. Leaving the grave before it is filled or leaving it open overnight will welcome another death to follow. If the coffin does not go into the hole easily, it is because the devil does not want the deceased, however if it just slips on the way in it is a sign that a death in the family will soon occur.

Cemetery Etiquette

Whether you are simply passing a cemetery or entering one you should keep these in mind. Tuck your thumbs into your fists when passing a cemetery to protect your parents, and hold your breath to protect yourself. Being near an open grave will cure a toothache, but be careful that in your relief you don’t whistle inside the cemetery walls, or you will summon the devil. Never wear anything new to a funeral especially shoes. It is bad luck to point at a grave, because the dead will see you. If you are looking for a little luck placing some dirt from a cemetery under stairs that you walk over is said to bring good fortune.


Keep these things in mind the next time you find yourself venturing among the dead. Do you know and superstitions about grave yards we haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment and let us know.


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