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Girdle of Venus

The Girdle of Venus also known as the second heart line, is above the heart line. Which is the long line from about an inch down from your pinky finger across your palm.
The Girdle of Venus is directly above that line, some people have this and some do not.


Your Girdle of Venus may be a complete line, but in most cases it is broken, or overlapping lines.
Some say that in traditional palmistry this line, has a negative meaning.the Girdle of Loves meaning
is insecurity in love, restlessness, and abandonment. However, in modern palmistry, this could
mean psychic abilities,a creative mind, or sensitivity.


Many people who do have this line, which can look like a half moon, may have very emotional
sensitive hands, and have a very high love for beauty and art. However, if it is broken lines, or
overlapping lines, this can mean selfish, promiscuous, and moody, although the entire hand has to
be looked over, because other lines in the hand can counter react the broken girdle of Venus,
and possibly mean something positive.

gridle of venus

If you have long narrow hands, you may have the Girdle of Venus and be the intellectual type.
Most people who have short, stubby, hands will not have this line, and if this is found on a short,
stubby hand this could mean abnormal tendencies. So if you are the intellectual, artistic type, you probably have
this line, just be aware you could be extra sensitive.