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Multiple Psychic Readings

When to Get Multiple Psychic Readings

multiple psychic readings

You went to a psychic, right? And he or she gave you a lot of information but you are not sure it’s exactly what you needed or thought you would hear.

So you are thinking maybe you should go to another psychic and see if they come up with the same things? Well there are some different reasons why you should get another reading from someone else or should hold off entirely.

First and foremost- Every psychic has different abilities.

If you are unsure about which types of psychics suit your needs, be sure to check out our blog post on the “5 Different Types of Psychics.”  The skill sets of a clairvoyant are much different than an empath for example.

If you find that yourself contacting the same psychic reader to ask the same question or feel compelled to ask several other psychic readers the same question after you’ve just had a psychic reading-it may be time to focus your energy elsewhere.

multple psychic readings

You need to give a good psychic reading time to unfold.  It’s easy during a time of stress to feel relatively put as ease for a few hours by a psychi before having the urge to contact another psychic emerge a short while later.  Give your life enough time to unfold and develop before seeking a new reading.  This is especially true if you feel your psychic has been honest with you and you simply don’t like the reading.  If you feel your psychic reading was indeed way off the mark and not relevant, this may be a time to seek a new reading source.   Let common sense be your guide.

It can be possible that another psychic will be able to either give you more insight on a situation that you are going through or can possibly give you a completely different answer based on his or her skill set.  And don’t forget to read reviews!   A great way to prime yourself for a great reading is to see what others thought about a psychic and how he or she came away feeling after the reading. Chances are you will find many other people have sought for the answers you are seeking!