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Gemstones for Psychics


There are several different gemstones and crystals that empower your psychic abilities, each one has a different ability. Here are a few examples.


One of the most common crystals for your psychic growth is the Amethyst. There are several different colors of these crystals that you can find, and usually they are found grouped together, as ornaments, and could be found in jewelry. Amethyst has a high spiritual vibration and is used as protection. The vibration and protective nature is a good combination for psychic growth. This crystal helps with meditation, awareness, mental control, focus, intuition, and wisdom.


Sodalite is a gem that is mid to dark blue and it has white veins. It helps you keep a logical mind with its gentle energy and it empowers your intuition and spiritual connection. With this subtle combination this stone really helps with your psychic growth. It can aid in deepening mediation and stimulates your 3rd eye chakra.


Celestite is pale blue and sparkles. This is a very peaceful stone and contains angelic realms. It calms and sharpens the mind. Great stone for beginner psychics. Celestite helps jump start your abilities as it teaches trust and faith.


These are just a few gems and crystals that can help empower your psychic abilities. Each stone has a different ability and if you are beginning your psychic journey- Using anyone of these stones can help you with your psychic growth.