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Psychic Stones

Most Common Gemstones Aiding Physic Abilities

psychic stones

Psychic abilities can be developed and enhanced by a number of organic materials. One of the most common aids to psychic abilities are gemstones. They can be used alone or in combinations. Listed below are some of the most commonly used gemstones that are easily obtained to aid in you psychic work.


Azurite – Aids in opening the third eye. Can help enhance clairvoyance and intuition. Aids in heightened spiritual connections.


Amethyst – This is multifunctioning gem. It enhances psychic abilities of all types. However it is best used to aid in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepath. It is a perfect gemstone for use in meditation, as well as being a great psychic protection tool.

Bloodstone – Believed to possess its own magical potential, this stone is perfect for grounding and centering. Bloodstone heightens psychic abilities and intuition. It is also believed to give protection from evil.

emerald - aid psychics
Emerald – Aside from enhancing psychic abilities this gem also assists in the knowledge of future events and aids in achieving a higher consciousness. It guards against negative energy, and provides strong psychic protection against evil.


Moonstone – This stone enhances intuition, provide balance, and is thought to grant wishes. It is extremely beneficial when used in conjunction with divination tools, like tarot cards, and rune stones. It also aides in communicating with spirit guides.


Quartz – Known as the “Universal crystal: it is one of the most powerful for developing and expanding psychic abilities. Not only does it enhance psychic vision it also helps balance all of the chakras.

It is a great tool for communicating with, and understanding messages from the spirit world, while providing healing properties.

Sapphire – This gem is ideal for developing psychic powers. It helps to open the lines of communication with the spirit world. This gem also provides clarity to help understand the messages received with working with the spirit world. It brings spiritual enlightenment and psychic protecting, and is often used when working with out of body experiences, telepathy, precognition, and second sight.

Remember that gemstones can be used in conjunction with each other or with other natural enhancements like herbs and oils.