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Full Moon Bath Ritual

If you are a fan of Netflix’s Sabrina the new season was full of twists and turns. Much of the show’s plot is based in legend, however there are slivers of truth spread throughout. For example, moon baths are a real thing! In fact, we have one of our favorite moon bath rituals for you to incorporate into your life during this lunar cycle.

This full Moon bath ritual will help you cleanse the body, mind, and spirit internally and externally of negativity and stagnant energy. This ritual should be performed three nights in a row: the night before the full Moon, the full moon night, the night after the full Moon. As with any other ritual, make sure to prepare the space you will be doing your workings. Set up a small pool, or if you do not have a way to bathe outside be sure to cleanse your bathroom with sage and set a jar of water out to charge under the moon while you prepare the rest of the ritual.


Set the intention for your cleansing bath. What do you want to let go of? Be ready to let go of all the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental consequences of trauma, hurtful words, evil actions, and negative thinking not only directed at yourself but also coming from you. Prepare a white candle in advance, place it in a white or transparent candlestick or glass. Offer words or a prayer of gratitude for this healing procedure. White sage is required, Basil and rosemary are desirable. You can also add lavender, mint or lemon, and marigolds. Boil water in a large pot and add a large handful of each herb, you can bind them in a natural fabric if you would prefer, just give them extra time to boil.

The bath

Fill the bath up to three-quarters and add the herbs. You should lie in the bath for at least 15 minutes. It is extremely important that the water washes every part of your body, including your head. Use a cup or bowl to lift water from the tub and pour it over your head while saying out loud:

“I return any energy that I may have received from someone, consciously or unconsciously, to my body or spirit, with blessing, peace, and love. I also take back my own personal power and energy that I have given, consciously or unconsciously, to restore integrity and balance.”

When the cleansing is over, do not wash off the herbs and do not dry yourself off with a towel – let the body and head dry completely on their own.