Full Harvest Moon 2019

Unlike other Full Moons, the Full Harvest Moon is specifically related to Autumn. Since this is the full moon to occur nearest to the fall equinox, it’s known as the Harvest Moon. Although the term’s origins are in agrarian societies that would literally harvest crops around this time of year, there’s still something to be gained from viewing this lunar phase as an opportunity to reap the rewards of your labor.


This year’s full harvest moon will rise on September 14th. Which puts in the sign of Pisces. The full moon in a water sign is a tender and sensitive time. Emotions may be quite big, as water signs tend to already carry within them greater emotional attunement than any other element, and it will be important for us to be with the feelings that come up in a gentle, compassionate and kind way. It’s equally important that we don’t react, allow overwhelm to drown us, or try and run away, or numb our emotions.

Making the Most of the Moon

Look at ways to heal yourself during this Full Moon physically or emotionally. That may mean better physical habits, seeing a Reiki Healer or doing some journaling. Follow your gut and see where the healing can happen. Take time to process your flowing emotions under this emotionally charged moon whether it is through yoga, meditation, or prayer. It’s also a great time to let go of an old grudge forgive yourself first, and then forgive another. You’ll be amazed at how this transforms your life!

If you kept an eye on the stars this past summer, you’ll recall that things were a little tremulous. Between all the planetary retrogrades and multiple eclipses, we had our hands full dealing with celestially inspired chaos and changes. We have enough distance now to see how we may have benefitted from this frenzied period. So, in the same way that the Harvest Moon was originally meant to honor the bounty of another season, so, too, can you apply that sense of accomplishment to your personal life and celebrate any wins that have come your way in the recent months


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