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Following Intuition

Following Your Intuition

following intuition

Intuition is the unconscious thought process that produces immediate knowledge or solution to any current situation. Intuition pulls from previous experience to directly recognize the entirety of a situation.

Intuition can be visionary or delusional and can seem unsettlingly correct or appallingly wrong in the outcome.

It is said that the more we listen to our intuition & the more we act on what we hear, the more refined the process will become.

Many look to develop intuition around perceived truths. Being truthful in every practice or situation, for example, is said to attract more truth in addition to gaining the ability to better recognize truth. Truth being just one example of course.

Still not clear on what constitutes intuition?

OK. Let’s start with intuition in it’s simplest form. Say you are working out a tough problem at school, and POW! Seemingly out of nowhere you have solved this problem in your mind and you knock it out. Or, say you are out to lunch with a friend at work and you just know this person is going to order the taco sampler. You know this even though you’ve never seen this person eat or want this item. These are examples of intuition.

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When developing intuition, purity of motive is essential. To achieve a spiritual truth in the hope to use this knowledge to help others much enough effort and time is required.

Many who actively practice following intuition to achieve a goal, commonly cite spiritual rituals as having helped to develop the intuition and higher ability.