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Flying Dreams

Have you been dreaming that you are flying? Awesome feeling being up in the air free! But what does it mean? Are you afraid of something? Is something new coming your way?

Dreams that materialize fear of flying or that you are flying too high might reveal that you are afraid to change something about yourself, afraid to go in a new direction in your life or you are feeling stuck and do not know which way to turn.

Could it also be that you might be afraid of achieving success in your life? If you dream that you are crashing into something during your dream, this might suggest that you have obstacles in your way either in the form of someone or something.

Take some time to discover who or what might be getting in your way. If you have problems staying on course as you are flying or even just taking off from the ground, this may indicate that you are out of control and spiraling in your waking life, or that you have a lack of self-confidence concerning certain endeavors or projects. You must try to focus on believing in yourself and letting go of your fears  real or imagined ones.


Another meaning is that you want to feel free, sometimes life is stressful and can get you down, but when you are dreaming and flying free this can be exonerating and freeing, enjoy the ride.