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Higher Self Connection

Five Steps to Create a Closer Connection with Your Higher Self

higher self connection

We are all connected to our higher selves in one degree or another. The stronger that connection is the smoother your journey through life will be. While the connection is a subconscious one, you can consciously take steps to strengthen that cord. The stronger you can forge that connection the easier you will have access to all of the wisdom from your past and future experiences. These six steps will help you strengthen the bonds to your higher self.

Step 1: Grounding and cleansing

Grounding and cleansing

Keeping yourself grounded and cleansing yourself of negative energies will help to keep you from being distracted by the energies in the world around you. Before any type of spiritual work, you should always make sure you are grounded and most people cleanse their tools. However you are not confined to only grounding and cleansing at this time, you can practice this daily for significant mental clarity and removal of harmful external projections.

Step 2: Meditation


Meditation has many great benefits, one of those being the ability to connect with your own higher self. The simplest way to do this is just to say, “I ask for my Higher Self to come forward into my consciousness.” You are simply invoking the divine aspect of yourself, which is always present within you. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel the infinite Love that this aspect of yourself embodies and breathe deeply. There is no wrong here as long as you remain present and not distracted.

Step 3: Minimize your ego

Numerous studies have been done about the nature of Ego and its detrimental effect on one’s state of consciousness and the world around us. It is important that you learn to tame your ego so that it can serve you rather than control you.

Step 4: Reclaim your energy

Reclaim your energy

Once you have cleansed yourself and meditated. You may find you have been expending energies on unresolved issues and emotions. Once you have let go of them you can reclaim the energy you have dedicated to each of them for a better sense of wholeness.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat connection process with self

Every day faces us with new challenges experiences and emotions. You should take time each day to cleanse and reconnect with yourself. Remember that all of the universes knowledge is stored in the energy of our higher selves. You should continually strive to reconnect with this knowledge so that it can help guide you on your life path.