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Finding your Soul Mate

While there are many relationships in our earthly journey, there is one we seek more than all others.  The idea of the soul mate is to apply all the knowledge, wisdom, and experience we have acquired along our spiritual journey and create a new path of destiny defined as “one union” that is the starting point to the highest level of evolution you will have in this life.  Finding a soul mate is not the realization of dream, it is the beginning of long, and “higher evolved” learning experience.

A soulmate is someone who is attracted to your soul or your true spiritual essence. Soulmate relationships are harmonious and deeply nourishing on a spiritual level. Your soulmate will be attracted to your radiant essence and passionate commitment to your soul purpose.

There’s often a flash of recognition that occurs when you meet a soulmate. Sometimes it feels like the phenomenon of manifesting love at first sight, and at other times it’s more like a strong sense of familiarity. Relationships often fall apart when the two people try to change each other. In contrast, soulmates respect each other on a fundamental level.

Don’t get caught up waiting for the relationship to manifest. Your soulmate will be drawn to the energy of your soul when the time is right. First become the soul they are seeking. This includes preparing your space for the partner of your dreams: Clean out your closet, empty a draw or replace that worn-out wallpaper. Think of all the ways in which you can prepare yourself and your life to be in perfect alignment with your perfect mate. Examine your beliefs about love and clean up any beliefs that don’t support attracting, having and keeping your perfect relationship. Clearly and positively define what you most desire and to get in alignment with your desire, don’t worry about the when or the how, the universe will see to it that your souls meet when all things align properly.


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