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Find a Penny Superstition

Ever hear the saying ‘See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck’? So why is this a superstition?

Many people believe it’s only good luck when the penny is showing heads. If you find a penny that is showing tails, you should turn it over to heads so the next person can then pick it up and have good luck.


However, a lot of people do believe that seeing any penny, regardless or heads or tails showing is a sign of good luck, and picking it up will give you good luck.


The exact origin of the belief are pretty hard to pin point, though explanations range from early beliefs about where metal came from to the notion that money symbolizes power.


Penny superstitions also include:

  • Carry a penny for luck.
  • Tossing a penny overboard while traveling at sea will ensure a safe trip.
  • Keeping a jar of pennies in the kitchen is good luck.
  • If giving a gift of a purse or wallet to someone, put a penny in it for good luck. (With inflation, this superstition has now grown to a dollar bill!)
  • Keep a coin in a baby’s pram or crib and the baby will grow up to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Finding a penny means more money is coming your way.
  • Putting the first penny you receive each day into your pocket will attract more throughout the day.
  • Coins with holes in them are especially lucky.
  • Tossing a penny when you have a problem will allow the fates to take care of the problem for you.
  • Tossing a penny over your left shoulder, into a wishing well or body of water, while making a wish, will make your wish come true.