Fate Line

The Fate line which is also referred to as the line of destiny, this line begins in the middle of your palm near your wrist, and goes upwards towards your middle finger.

There are three parts to this line, the first on the bottom right shows what happened in your youth, the second which is on the bottom left shows your adulthood, and the third which is on the top right shows your old age.

When your fate line starts joined to your life line this means that you know very early in your life what you will want to do in life. If your fate line starts on its on but joins the life line later on this means you have lost control on your life to others, however if it breaks off from the life line once again, you will be able to regain control of your life. If your fate line starts at the base of your thumb by your life line, this means you have a very strong family support in your life, if your fate line starts at the base of your palm this means you will be in the public’s eye etc a movie actress, if there is a break in your fate life, this may indicate that you will change careers in your mid life.



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