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Falling Dreams

Dreams: The Falling Dream

falling dreams

We all dream whether we remember them or not. The interesting thing about dreams is that no matter your experience, location, gender or wealth, all humans share universal dreams. Dreams are a way of solving problems while we are asleep.

So, the next time you shut the light, climb into your cozy bed and pull up the covers just remember you WILL visit dreamland.

In this blog, our first visit to sleepy town will be the falling dream.

falling dream

Most, if not all of us, have experienced the feeling of falling rapidly. While we’re falling we’re watching the landing coming up fast. Fortunately, we wake up before the splat.

This universal dream is all about a lack of control in our waking life. In the dream, we can’t stop the fall or grab onto something. It reflects our feelings of being overwhelmed or having a hard time keeping up with all the demands in our lives.

waking up from falling dream

So… take a deep breath and remember that we can learn a lot about our waking lives through our dreams.

That’s it for Now

Keep the Peace

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