Fairies thimbles and crows toes

Fairies Thimbles and Crow’s Toes

Planting season is upon us, and if you are looking for something new to add to your garden this spring we have two beautifully magical options for you to consider. There are many plants that are identified as bluebells, including hyacinth, grape hyacinth, Virginia bluebell, and harebell.

Bluebells, those denizens of ancient forests, are fairy flowers, used by fairies to trap humans who encroach on natural places. The Common English Bluebell is a beloved treasure of Britain where its presence is said to indicate the ancientness of a forest. Bluebells are an excellent choice for a partially shaded area of the yard, along hedgerows and beneath orchard trees. Many butterflies, hoverflies, and bees find bluebell attractive and it is an important early-season nectar source. They are great additions to butterfly and wildlife gardens and faerie gardens.

Fairies Thimbles or Harebells

Interestingly, to dream of harebells is said to be a sign of true love, which is always a pleasant place to be at the start of spring. In the Victorian language of flowers they stand for childhood, grief, humility, and submission. There is a plethora of folk lore about Harebells sometimes called the ‘auld man’s bells’ and to hear them ring meant that the Devil was approaching, and the jingling may signal your oncoming demise!


Crow’s Toes or English Blue Bells

The lore of the British and Scottish bluebells is so interwoven that it’s often very hard, if not impossible, to differentiate between the two in many situations. In Somerset they say you should never venture into a wood to pick bluebells. If you were a child you may never come out again, and if you are a grown-up you will be pixy-led until someone meets you and takes you out.

Whichever strand of bluebells’ connection to magic you lean towards, the theme is undoubtable — they are a flower which can draw us into a liminal place, that mysterious and beguiling shade of blue, that is one of the most appealing shades to so many people. Symbolic of peace and tranquility a shade of both sea and sky. With either bluebell added to your garden you can breathe in, listen carefully, and breathe out filled with peace that spring is here and no evil is a foot ringing bells in your garden.


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