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What to expect from a psychic reading


Before going to a psychic reading you should choose what psychic you want to go to. You should find a psychic that is right for you. Just like anything else, you want to feel good about the person that is doing your reading.  Base this experience on your intuition before committing to a psychic reading.

Before going to the psychic you should think about the questions you are going to ask prior to your reading. Write your questions down, take them with you to your reading. You will find that the time goes quickly, by being prepared, you will find you will  get more out of your session with your Reader/Psychic.


Most people are very intimidated and nervous especially during their first reading. First thing you need to remember is the more comfortable you are the easier this process will be. Psychics are not scary people, in fact many psychics feel empathy more then most people, so they will try to make you comfortable. Everyone’s reading is different. Remember psychics will not bite you, just try to stay calm, enjoy your reading!


Remember the reading is for your benefit. Ask the questions you really want to know the answers to. Try to stay relaxed and calm and use your reading to the fullest potential.