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Test Dream

Meaning of Exam Dreams

test dream

Dreams that are themed around taking an exam or sitting for a test are very common amongst reported dreams. So common, in fact,  that exam dreams are often ranked as one of the ten most common dream-themes.

Dreaming of Test Taking

The real-life sources of an exam-themed dream can vary as widely as one individual mind to the next.  This creates a wide breadth of interpretations that reach much further than simply expressing anxiety over an upcoming test.

With that said, if you have been preparing for an exam or test with any sort of vigor over the past several days, weeks, or months, then it is very likely that this is the source of your dream’s theme and relation to real life.

dream of exam

If you’re visiting this page, then it’s most likely you’ve recently had a dream about taking an exam but your last exam may have been years  ago and you may have no plans of sitting for exam in your immediate future. So why are you dreaming about taking a test?

Many Interpretations of Exam Dreams

Stresses at work or with a significant other are often involved  in the manifestation of exam-based dreams. Relating to a perfectionist mindset, these dreams can be the subconscious realization a person has placed higher expectations on him or herself than are achievable.  The test theme in this instance relates to fears and anxiety over perceived failures of these unachievable standards.

test dream

Similar anxieties can manifest in dreams as problems that arise during the dream exam that eventually prevent the dreamer from finishing the test.

Did your pencil break in the dream and you couldn’t find a pencil-sharpener? Was it too dark or too bright to make out the test questions? Was there another source of stress during this dream test?

While details of tests or exams during dreams may vary greatly, we start to see a common thread between the root causes all relating back to  feelings anxiousness, unpreparedness or problems with time management.

dreaming of passing exam

Some Exam Dreams Are Good

On the other side of the coin, there are those of us who have very positive dreams about acing an exam or test in no time.  This may be an indication that you feel prepared and confident about a task at hand or an upcoming event.

Final Thoughts on Test Dreams

If you find you are having recurring dreams about exams or sitting for a test that leave you feeling worried, take some time and reflect on your daily life to try and isolate the root causes of these feelings.

Once you can identify the source of a dream that leaves an impression on you, the quicker you can address the the cause and begin to make the adjustments in your daily life to achieve a higher level of satisfaction and ease. For example, if you find you feel unprepared for your next major life-event, maybe it’s time you set aside more time to plan and research things to ease these feelings and anxiety.

Remember, we are all the architects of our dreams and our lives.  Make sure you are building up the up the things that make you feel good while getting rid of the things that are in the way or don’t fit your desired framework. You can do it!