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Atlas - Mythology

Everyday words that come from Mythology pt I: Atlas, Iris

atlas - mythology

The English language is interesting in that many of its words come from other languages. Our language contains words from German, French, get the picture.

In the next series of blogs we will look at words that come from mythology.

For example..

iris - mythology

Iris: A female messenger of the gods. She traveled on the rainbow to deliver messages to mortals from the gods.

iris eye - word origin

Today it is known as the colored part of our eyes.

atlas - word origin

Atlas: Was the leader of the Titans who fought a war against the gods on Mt. Olympus. Needless to say the Titans lost the war and as punishment for leading the rebellion, Zeus sentenced Atlas to hold up the sky to keep it separate from the Earth.

atlas word origin in mythology

Today an atlas is a book of maps.

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