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Encounters With Angels

Encounters with Angels

encounters with angels

Ghost stories abound. People having paranormal experiences with darker forces and spirits are everywhere today. However, their more peaceful counterparts also make an appearance now and then. These are some real life accounts of people who have witnessed angels at work.

Innocence of Children

‘I have identical twin daughters who are now 21. When they were between the ages of two and three, I was getting ready for work. The girls were playing and talking with me while they watched me apply my makeup. One of them said, “Mommy, now that we eat real food, the angels don’t come as often.” I asked what she meant, and the other one replied, “Now that we don’t drink milk out of bottles and we eat food, they don’t come as often.”’

This really blew me away because at that young of an age I knew they had no concept of what they had just said, and were merely speaking the truth! — DEBRA RIEHL Toms River, New Jersey

Former FBI Officer Lillie Leonardi

Former FBI Officer Lillie Leonardi

After retiring from the FBI due to ptsd from her experiences in the 9/11 terror attacks Leonardi went on to write a book “In the Shadow of a Badge: A Spiritual Memoir” in it she describes her experience in the Pennsylvania field where UA flight 93 went down. This is her description of the legions of angels she saw.

“As I looked across the immense space of the scene, I saw a shimmer of light by my left shoulder. The light flickered at first, playing against that of the sun. The light reminded me of my first trip to Ireland, when I had seen a large school of salmon swimming very close to the water’s edge. The light of their scales had merged with that of the sun and sent brilliant crystal shimmers across my view. I remember that the light was mesmerizing, and many of us stood witness to it. It was an amazing moment for me.

On the field, the shimmer of light began to grow off to my left until it was almost blinding. I turned and looked at it more directly, and it began to evolve into a foggy white mist. The mist then began to move, swirling in patterns of spectacular white light. Then, before my eyes, the mist took shape. To my amazement, there at the left of the crash site stood what appeared to be a legion of angels.

There were hundreds of them, standing in columns— a field of angels, emerging from the realms of the mist. I recognized them as archangels, wings arched up toward the sky. Each of them appeared to be dressed in warrior garments, like a legion of Roman centurions from centuries past. They were standing vigil, gazing at the surrounding perimeter. The looks on their faces were intense yet gentle. Calming. They stood like soldiers guarding their ground in preparation for the next battle. They appeared ready to receive the next command from their leader. And they clearly had a leader—for he stood majestically in front of them all.

This archangel stood with confidence, radiance, and an aura of leadership. The saber in his hand angled toward the ground in resting mode. I knew instantly this had to be Michael, for in my Catholic upbringing the Archangel Michael had always been depicted as the warrior. He was also known as the guardian of law enforcement.

These celestial beings were so numerous that their features began to blend together. The pureness of their beauty—and the radiant light surrounding them—was overwhelming to me. Each was unique, and all were beautiful. I marveled at the image of these lovely creatures. They looked just as they were depicted in the frescoes Michel- angelo painted in the Sistine Chapel some 500 years ago.

As I gazed at the angels, my mind slowed its pace. I paused at each new motion they made. With each movement, a detail was forever etched in my memory. It was as if there were a sketch artist inside my mind’s eye preserving all the minute details with an indelible pen.”

Comfort in the Darkest Hour

Comfort in the Darkest hour

When I was 24 years old, I was living with my brother in a two-bedroom apartment. I had left the family home due to physical and mental cruelty on my father’s part. I grew up very frightened. One night in the apartment I shared with my brother, I was scared to be alone. My brother was staying overnight with his girlfriend at the time, and I was afraid to fall asleep. I didn’t go to bed in my room but fell asleep in the living room with the TV on. But before I fell asleep, I remember talking to God and asking Him to help me through the night so that nothing would happen to me.

At about 3 A.M., I was awakened by a gentle touch on my forehead, and as I opened by eyes, I saw a beautiful spirit hovering in front of me. I could not make out the face, as it was not clear. Then it flew around the room and out the door. I was no longer afraid that night, and I believe that the spirit I saw was my angel. –Mary Rao

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  1. Wow! I know I have never had an encounter like the above stories. But Angels do take human form so maybe I may have had an experience like that. I do believe my angels and spirit guides are watching over me. I can feel just never seen. I do hope one day to see and experience beauty as so. But for now its ok I do believe my angels know I am scared and I think when I am at peace and calm they will come. I do know when meditating and keeping silent they come and that is the best it feels good. I love my angels and spirit guides and need to thank them more often for their love.

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