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Eerie Superstitions

Eerie Superstitions

eerie superstitions

There are superstitions for just about everything. Some are held as a fact proven by science, some are held on little more than faith by those who believe in them. Sometimes superstitions are intended to keep you safe and happy, but some are more sinister. We’re not talking about breaking mirrors or lifting your feet when you go over a bridge. The following superstitions may leave you chilled to the bone. Especially since they are not only believed in one location but by different people around the world.

If a dead person’s eyes are left open…

If a dead person's eyes are left open superstition

If a dead person’s eyes are left open, he will find someone to take with him. So think twice next time you are at a viewing before peeping over into the coffin.

Butterfly of Death

butterfly of death

Butterfly bushes have started to bloom- if you enjoy watching the caterpillar’s metamorphoses’ you may want to make sure you aren’t watching your own death break free of its cocoon. The Mexican Black Witch Moth is also known as the butterfly of death. This moth’s association with death dates back to the Aztecs. People believe that if this moth is sighted in a house, either a recently deceased person has come to meet a loved one or someone is about to die.

Scissors left agape

scissors left agape

Everyone knows running with scissors is a bad idea, and common sense tells you, you should not leave a pair laying around open. However, if you happen to see a pair left agape you should vacate the area promptly. It is believed that an open pair of scissors is a sign that Archangel Michael’s mouth is open, waiting to take the soul of someone nearby.

knock at the door superstitions

Have you ever heard a knock at your door or your doorbell is rung but when you went to the door no one was there? Well if you opened the door to make sure, you have invited an evil spirit into your home.

If you find yourself questioning whether you should take heed of these superstitions or not, remember “There is superstition in avoiding superstition.” -Francis Bacon