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Water Dreams

Dreams: The Water Dream

water dreams

No discussion of dreams would be complete without looking at the “water dream”. Water is a very common dream symbol. Water is associated with our emotions and our subconscious. Some say it is a reflection of our souls. There are many meanings of water in our dreams, let’s take a look at some…

Is the water clear or muddy?

This can reflect whether our relationships are positive or toxic. Are we taking good enough care of ourselves?

under water dreams

Are we dreaming of the ocean?
This can reflect our desire to reconnect with our inner selves or our collective consciousness.

ocean wave dreams

Is the water flowing calmly or are waves crashing?
Here we may be experiencing a feeling of happiness with where our life is going or we are feeling tossed by something we are not handling well.

river dreams

Are we dreaming of a flood?
This dream indicates a feeling of helplessness or trouble coping.

flood dreams

We can’t deny how essential water is to our survival. Maybe it is one of the reasons why there are so many sayings having to do with it.

Still water runs deep

Like a fish out of water

In deep water

Come hell or high water

Water under the bridge

That’s it for Now
Keep the Faith
See you Next Blog

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  1. There is so much to water than we know. I mean for one some say water has a memory. And water reacts to us as well. All I know is that it is good to express gratitude towards water and to do a little meditation as well for water from time to time. Doing this can perhaps help with the water we experience in our dreams.

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