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Dreams about Teeth Falling out

Have you been having dreams that your teeth are falling out? Do you wonder what it could possibly mean? Let’s find out what it does mean to lose teeth in your dream.


Losing your teeth is a big sign of insecurity. This usually happens when you are entering a new phase in your life. Like when we were little losing our teeth meant we were growing older, and no longer small children anymore.


You may be wondering in your waking life if you are sexually attractive, and you are worried and fearful of getting older, so you are becoming more and more insecure of your changes, therefore the symbolization of losing teeth as like when you were a child and wondering whats next.


This dream could also just mean that you have a problem brewing in your  mouth that is not significant yet, as many of us know we do not realize we have a problem in our mouth until our teeth start hurting.

losing teeth

The mystical reasoning behind losing teeth is rumored a bad sign, and woman who show a lot of teeth when they are smiling is thought to be bad because they are like animals and wild.