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Dreams of Falling

Dreams of falling are very common. To understand why you are having these kinds of dreams you need to know whats going on in your waking life. Unlike what some people may believe you will not die if you do not wake up from these kinds of dreams before actually hitting the ground.


When you are falling in your dream you have no control, nothing to hold onto you just fall. This suggests that in your waking life you feel like you are losing control over situations, whether it be financial , work, relationships. You are feeling overwhelmed and need to take back control of your life


Falling can mean you are lacking confidence, security, and stability. This could mean you have been making bad choices, and have pretty reckless behavior, also could be that you are about to give in to your sexual impulses. You’re out of control in your life in some aspect and need to regain control.


You have to look at what is going on in your waking life to determine what your dreams of falling really mean. analyze your problems and situations and this can help with why you are dreaming this way.