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Dreams of Being Chased

Dreams can be about anything. We cannot control what we dream. However, sometimes we have specific dreams and want to know what they mean! Have you been having dreams about being chased?

Lets find out what it could possibly mean.


Being chased is one of the most common dreams that people have according to studies.

Being chased in your dream can suggest you have a certain situation in your life that you are trying to avoid. Maybe you are trying to outrun the situation, hoping it just goes away. If you’re being chased by another human and they are getting close to getting you- the situation you are trying to outrun is gaining on you, and it’s becoming more important to face it.


If you are dreaming that you’re being chased by an animal would suggest you have a lot of anger built up and you are now turning your anger into a wild animal. May be time to let go of that anger and resolve whatever is bothering you.


However, if you are the one doing the chasing, this would suggest you are trying to catch up with people from your past and reconnect with them.