Dreams of being lost or losing stuff

Dreams of losing things, or being lost are very common. Whether it is not remembering how to get somewhere or losing items such as your wedding ring.

So what could it possibly mean having these kinds of dreams?

These kinds of dreams can be very frustrating. However, dreams of losing items are usually triggered by work or are professionally related. Anxiety or personal trauma can provoke these kinds of dreams. These dreams can come at anytime. You can be 50 and still dream of getting lost at the playground.

Psychologists believe that these dreams occur when people are feeling vulnerable, inadequate, and feeling lost somewhere. As in feeling out of place where you are.

There are several reasons that we can have these lost dreams. Losing a loved one or pet can precipitate these types or dreams. Also, if you are feeling out of place at work. You have to ask yourself “What is going on in my waking life?”- to be able to determine what has triggered this kind of dream and then work through how to solve it.



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