Dreams about Your Teeth

Our teeth are very important to us. They help us chew our food and they help us with our outward appearances. So what could it mean when we are dreaming about our teeth? Dreams  that your teeth are falling out, or cracked..

There are many different interpretations of Dreams About Teeth. Dreaming about teeth could mean there is a problem you need to “chew over” or spend some time thinking about it.  Does your appearance have you down? Dreaming about teeth may suggest you are worried about how people are looking at you and perceiving you.

If you’re dreaming about your teeth falling out this would suggest you are worried about your appearance. Perhaps you are concerned with being attractive to other people. Mostly people of the opposite sex. You might be afraid of getting older. You might be eating the wrong way and may need to get healthy.

Sometimes dreams about teeth simply mean the obvious- You just need to go visit a dentist.






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