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Dreams about Death

Do you ever dreams of death, or dying? Reportedly dreams of death or dying are the highest reported dreams that anyone has had. People have a strong fear of these dreams because they think it will actually happen, so what does it mean when we dream of death or dying? It this a Psychic premonition about what is going to happen?


Dreaming of yourself dying, does not mean that this is going to happen to you, it can however mean that something is going to change, warning you that something big might be changing. It could represent something inside yourself that has died, and that a new awakening in yourself is beginning.

Common Dreams Death & Dying

Some people believe that when we dream of someone dying this could symbolize that a baby is being born, or someone they know may be pregnant.


Dreams of dying or death can meaning many things, change, a part of your dying, resentment, it could mean a variety of things, however you should not take your dreams literally, this rarely ever means that you are dreaming or your death, or others.