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Dreaming of Ants meaning

Do you ever wake up from dreaming and really have no idea what it means? You rack your brain of why you would even be dreaming of certain things, So why could it possibly mean when you start dreaming of Ants?


Ants are really harmless, however seriously annoying! So if you are dreaming about these tiny little things, it could mean you are annoyed with things in your life, whether they be minor or not. Is something bugging you? Maybe you are feeling pretty small like nothing matters.


Are you having problems with someone in your life that bugs the crap out of you? This may also be a reason why you are dreaming of Ants. Ants also are very hard workers, so if you are working hard lately, this could be why ants are appearing in your dreams.


Red ants in your dreams could mean you are angry.


Black ants in dreams, you’re annoyed about something.


Have those tiny little buggers crawling all over you, someone or something is bugging the crap outta you!!!