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Does Everyone Dream Question

Does everyone dream?

does everyone dream question

Today we delve into a common question that often arises during a discussion focusing on dreams: Does everyone dream?

We’ve all heard someone say, I don’t dream.

But is this possible?  Can a person sleep without ever dreaming?

dream image
The short answer to this questions is; If you sleep, you dream.

Scientific studies overwhelming agree that everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers his or her dreams.

According to the American Sleep Association;

There are five stages of sleep. Scientists categorized the stages of sleep based on the characteristics of the brain and body during sleep. Stage 1,2,3, and 4, are categorized as ‘non-REM sleep’, and the fifth stage, is REM sleep..

dreaming of bed floating

Stage 5 is where a person begins to dream, which the AMA continues to describes as,

..very different physiologically from the other stages of sleep…the skeletal muscles are atonic, or without movement. The breathing is more erratic and irregular. The heart rate often increases. It is theorized that muscle atonia evolved in order to protect the individual from injury during sleep..

Stay tuned for more on dreams as our blog series continues!