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Distant Reading By A Psychic

Distant Readings

distant reading by a psychicMany people often wonder what it’s like to get a real, live psychic reading. But the reality for many of us is to find that this interest is never realized. The hustle and bustle of everyday life won’t seem to allow the time for what some dismiss as a self-indulgent practice.  But for those of us that yearn for the benefits and insight of a live psychic reading and can’t spare the time to find and visit a live psychic reader, there is an answer for you- The growing practice of distant readings.

So what are distant readings exactly?

Distant readings are somewhat self-explanatory as the name suggests, often referred to as a traveling clairvoyance or remote perception. A distant reading can be conducted without the psychic reader ever meeting the client. This can include hand-written letters, phone conversation, text-messaging, email, web chat, and webcam interactions.

distant reading by phone

Text message readings usually entail a very quick question and answering session with the minimal and basic information given. The same goes for quick chat sessions between yourself and a psychic- These are not the in-depth psychic readings you might expect in person or by phone or webcam, but if you just need some quick answers, this is definitely a great choice.

psychic readings by webcam

If the text message sessions don’t work for you, one of the newest ways to get a psychic reading is via the use of a webcam.  Webcam psychic readings are often conducted via Skype, Facebook, and other trusted messaging services. This type of distant reading allows for face to face interaction with the psychic. Being able to see and hear a live psychic often gives one more comfort and personalization than that of a chat or text reading but still can be performed from the comfort of your home, office, car, or any personal space you wish to utilize.

distant reading message psychic

You can choose to have a correspondence with your psychic via letters, emails, or web-messages via a  psychic’s website. This allows one to ask questions that do not require an instant response. Great option if you have a question that is not extremely important or you’re just too busy to wait for a response in real time. A great way to go allowing the psychic to answer your question at his or her earliest convenience.

psychic on phone

If the above options aren’t for you, let’s not forget one of the most popular methods of distant readings: The live psychic phone reading. Thousands of people opt for this type psychic reading daily. And just as the name suggests, this is a live reading from a psychic over the phone. Generally, this entails calling a psychic phone number or hotline where you pay by the minute. You can also pre-pay and receive a call back from a psychic. This option allows for a customer to be connected to a psychic right away and get immediate insight.

Everything we’ve covered today falls under the vast umbrella of distant readings. If you’re itching to try a psychic reading for the first time or looking to broaden your horizons, we hope these options make it easy and convenient for you.