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Mystery Death

These Deaths are so Puzzling they may be Paranormal

mystery death

These Deaths are so Puzzling they may be Paranormal!

Laetitia Toureaux – Cutthroat

Laetitia Toureaux

In May of 1937 Laetitia Toureaux boarded a train in Paris leaving Porte de Charenton station. It took just a minute for it to arrive at its next station. When Toureaux boarded the train she was the only person in first class. When the passengers in the next station boarded she was still alone in first class, however she was slumped over in her seat with a dagger embedded in her neck. It was believed that she may have been murdered by an assassin, however World War II put a stop to investigations.

Tamam Shud

Tamam Shud – Mystery of the Somerton Man

The Tamam or Taman Shud case is considered one of Australia’s “most profound mysteries.” On December 1 1948 at 6:30 am an unidentified man was found dead. The man had no identification on him and his cause of death was unknown. Both the FBI and Scotland Yard were unable to make heads or tails of the man or his death. All he had on him was an unused train ticket, a bus ticket, a comb, gum, cigarettes, and a scrap of paper with the phrase “tamán shud,” meaning “finished” in Persian. That scrap of paper was torn from an extremely rare poetry book.  The book it had been torn from was uncovered by police and had several lines of seemingly random capital letters penciled onto the last page. Police believe this to be a code. The autopsy reports that his death could not have been natural considering his spleen was three times its normal size and there was damage done to other internal organs. Barbiturate poisoning was the main assumption even though no poison was actually fond in his system. Many people have attempted to break the code, and others have attempted to reopen the case. However the original autopsy report has gone missing, and authorities are unwilling to exhume the body.

Mary Reeser – Up in Flames


There are several well-documented cases in which Spontaneous Human Combustion is seriously considered as an explanation by the investigators involved in the cases. However one of the most famous is Mary Reeser. On July 1st 1951 the recently widowed 67 year old said goodnight to her son and landlord. Around 5 am her landlord, who resided in the same building, woke up from the smell of smoke. She disregarded it thinking the smell was coming from a water pump that had been known to overheat she simply turned it off and went back to bed. The next morning Mrs. Carpenter and two housepainters who had been working at a nearby building forced open the door to Mary’s apartment. Once inside they found an incinerated easy chair and a pile of ashes with Mary’s left foot in it still intact and wearing a satin bedroom slipper. A nearby socket had melted from the heat stopping a clock plugged into it at 4:20 am. However a pile of old newspapers stacked on the floor near her chair where untouched by the flames. One anthropologist the police consulted estimated that to reduce a body to that extreme temperatures would have to reach at least 1500 degrees. No one can explain how her body could have burned at that temperature and yet the flames not consume the apartment.


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  1. Wow!! very interesting. I always say when it comes to life it is more than what we think and see. There is something out there in the world that is bigger than all of us.

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