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King Of Cups

Daily Tarot Reading for August 31, 2016


king of cups

King of Cups– Be aware today of a kindly loving man in your world. He is a visionary with knowledge in law and business, as well as art. Take notice and learn from this person today.

nine of wands

Nine of Wands– This card represents a stand off in life. Taking first notice of what you need to do. Stay focused and act as you must in this situation.

four of swords

Four of Swords– Heal yourself from wounds of battle. This card says it is not the end of the war. To be prepared for the next onslaught you have to be rested prepared and ready.

eight of cups

Over all LessonEight of Cups– Accept and move on, the need to improve and venture into unexplored places. This will bring you deeper fulfillment in the end. Conquer your fears to expand your knowledge.

Be Blessed.

Kate Slater– Spiritualist, Medium.

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