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Daily Tarot Reading: August 30, 2016

ace of swords
Ace of Swords– Today is about Victory! This card represents the attainment of self acceptance. As well as the ability to accept others. This card is about inner peace and contentment. So be on the lookout for that peaceful balanced feeling today.

two of swords
Two of Swords– This card represents an equilibrium between your inner and outer struggles. A balance that will help keep the total acceptance from the previous card. Be aware that self acceptance is the key to keeping balance today.

pan card
Pan– This card represents lightening up. Let loose…. It is a matter of letting go of the days negativity and having fun. Keep your balance by doing some self care along the way. So get out let go and have fun this evening.

temperance tarot card
Over All Lesson – Temperance– Take notice of the day the wears and tears of it. Look at the strength you have found in yourself in times of challenge. Take into account the strength your body has after the situations before attaining your balance and accepting yourself. Now allow situations to strengthen your heart and soul more, instead of tearing you down. You are a strong being. Take time to test yourself, and strengthen against outside harmful forces. You will surely keep your balance.

Be Blessed.

Kate Slater– Spiritualist, Medium.

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