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Tarot The Sun

Daily Tarot Reading: August 29, 2016

tarot the sun
The Sun– Today is a day to be joyful. This card represents contentment and immense joy. Keep aware of this happiness throughout the day, there could be a grand aspect in it. Good news perhaps, or a better outcome than expected of a situation.

tarot four of wands
Four of Wands– This card represents an agreement. Coming to terms with all parties involved. A balanced aspect of spirits and wills. This is a card to take note of. When this card comes up, it refers to matters of disputes, or disagreements. This is an outcome of good intentions. So be aware of this card, if you are waiting to hear on decisions at work or in any aspect of life. They are going to come to you in time today.

five of wands tarot
Five of Wands– Reflect on this card as your day comes to an end. This card represents determination. Commitment to play and win. So no matter the situation today keep your wits about you, and hold fast to that determination.

tarot the star
The Star– The over all out come of today, or the over all lesson is Spend today looking into yourself. Focus on your subtle aspects, and This can help you find inner peace. So be aware of yourself, and you will be well balanced throughout the day, and arrive upon a peaceful end.

Be Blessed.

Kate Slater– Spiritualist, Medium.

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