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Cutting Spiritual Ties

Spiritual ties are emotional and spiritual connections between people, such as those between family members and friends. These bonds can take shape in many forms, such as love, support, loyalty, faith, and understanding. They can bring people together, helping them develop a deeper sense of purpose and a desire to be connected.

How to cut spiritual cords: Start by setting the intention to sever all spiritual ties that are no longer serving you.

Take a few moments to sit quietly and focus inwards. Visualize cutting a spiritual cord connecting you to this energy/person that is bringing you down.

As you visualize the cord being cut state aloud your intention to cut the link, repeating it until you feel it has been truly released.

As you release the cord, visualize a protective shield of healing light surrounding you. This shield will protect you from any further negative energy from that person or situation.

Spend a few moments focusing on your breathing and reassuring yourself that you have taken this step for your higher good.


Ending with gratitude, offer a bow or a thank you to the Universe for supporting you in this healing process.

Cutting energetic cords involves becoming aware of any unhealthy energetic attachments you may have with past relationships, people, experiences and places. Once you have become aware of these attachments, you can then mentally and energetically cut them off to free yourself and break the energetic ties that may be holding you back or draining your energy. This can be done through visualization, meditating, and releasing the energy with intention.


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