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Cult Vs The Occult

Cult is a short form for cultural or community practice. Cult can be defined as an abnormal group of beliefs, customs, and behaviors that are shared by members of the cult. Cult is not necessarily against human rights but it’s just different from standard norms and values in society. In this essay I will talk about what exactly occult means? Occult means hidden or secret knowledge; magical powers and abilities aside from natural ability. The word occult means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ which makes it a term used to describe knowledge that is known by few people.

Many groups and individuals who consider themselves to be occultists, call those persons who are into the new religious movement ‘cultist’. This is rather strange as they both use many similar terms and symbols. Both believe in a higher order of reality, but there are general differences between them. Cults focus on different methods to reach their goal of a better life for everyone. They try to achieve this through quite extreme ways such as eating only one meal per day or staying in seclusion for weeks at a time. The term cult is used by psychologists against groups that uses methods.

Cults can be good or bad, but they all share certain qualities in common. They’re normally led by one person who is often charismatic and persuasive. The leader will use their power to control members through fear or rewards and punishment. Some cults have a code that new members must follow before being able to join, these are known as ‘initiation rituals’. These rituals vary from group to group but include things such as hand washing, chanting etc.

Simply put, occult means hidden or secret. Cult is a new word that has been formed to describe religious movements with similar beliefs but without any specific name. In this essay, I will compare both of these groups and see which one is more harmful to society.


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