Crystals to add to your Collection if you are Feeling Anxious and Isolated

With stay home orders being enacted around the globe it is completely normal if you are feeling more anxious than normal. We have some crystal recommendations to add to help you find a much-needed refuge from the Covid chaos.


Angelite is the stone of guardian angels, it reminds you that you are never alone. So this is a great crystal to add if the isolation of mitigation is adding to your stress. When you connect on a deep level with Angelite, it allows you to bridge the gap between the physical world and the celestial realm, where you can access the support system of your angels. When you are plugged into the support and guidance available to you, all of your feelings of worry, anxiety or fear will fall away. The comforting properties are what make Angelite such an excellent anxiety reliever. It can ease away feelings of stress with its reassuring energy. By infusing your head space with peaceful and relaxing energy, this stone works to clear away any chaotic, worried, or anxiety-ridden thoughts.

Black Tourmaline

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with worry or fear Black Tourmaline is a fantastic “security blanket.” Hold one in each of your hands and imagine your fears, worries and anxiety being sucked into the depths of these black crystals. Having the weight of the crystals in your hands makes this visualization easier, relieving your anxiety at a much quicker rate.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is one of the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief. Its beautiful periwinkle color emits calming and soothing vibrations that bring peace of mind to help you relax. If you are suffering from anxiety every day, try wearing a bracelet made of blue lace agate or carrying one of these healing stones in your pocket, so that if you feel yourself becoming too overwhelmed, it can help bring a little comfort throughout the day.


Danburite brings comfort in times of stress, like the current unrest around the world, reassuring you that everything is, or will be, taken care of. It possesses one of the strongest energies to rid your body, mind and aura of anxiety and stress. Its energy is similar to Angelite surrounding you with the support of your guardian angels, helping you to have an optimistic outlook on any situation.


Lepidolite naturally contains lithium within it, which is often used in anti-anxiety medication, making it a great addition to your anti-anxiety crystals. Connecting with this gentle stone brings balance during times of stress and chaos. It is especially wonderful to use during meditation. Place it over your third eye or hold a piece in each of your hands to bring comfort and harmony.

Trust your intuition when choosing the best healing stones for you to use. If you find yourself being drawn to a particular one, trust your gut and go with that one.


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