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Cross Your Fingers Superstition


Ever heard the expression ‘Cross your fingers for me‘? This is said to bring good luck. Some have also said this is used to attempt to implore God for protection.


‘Keep your fingers crossed’. ‘Cross your fingers’. ‘Fingers crossed’. These expressions all refer to this superstition. However, as much as this is said to bring good luck, some people who may be telling a little white lie (mostly children) will cross their fingers to excuse the fact that they are telling a lie. Also having your fingers crossed excuses you from a promise that you may have made.


Sometimes we believe that superstitions will help as with many different things in life. As for this superstition, many people use it because this is the easiest one to believe in. Crossing the fingers is very easy, you will see many people wishing with their eyes closed fingers crossed, wishing for something to happen.

Do you cross your fingers?