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Palmistry: What is the Conical Hand?

Conical Hand

Ever wonder what type of hand you have?

The Conical Hand is primarily possessed by people who are very artistic and have a great imagination.

So what does The Conical Hand look like?

Well, it’s a medium-sized, slightly dwindling, with your fingers full at the base. Your fingers are smooth, your fingernails are cone-shaped, which is where the name conical has come from “cone”.

The palms of the conical hand are wide, full, and big, and your thumb would be gigantic!

The Conical Hand

The characteristics of The Conical Hand

People with this type of hand are artistic and love music, they are sensitive in nature to art. If your hand is soft, they are more artistic, the harder the hand the less imagination you have. They have excellent communication skills, and will most likely have some sort of job in the arts, or definitely a healthy hobby of art.

The Conical Hand

However, people with this hand fly off the handle very easily, short tempers, impulsive, they are very superficial especially in conversations, although they are good are the conversation, they will be more about themselves.

The Conical Hand holders are easily influenced by their surroundings, will get offended easily, but they are generous by nature and will be sympathetic to you. Although they are selfish when it comes to themselves.

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