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Colorology: What Your Favorite Color Says About You


Psychic theory tells us that there is the existence of a human aura or colored light emanating from every person.

Unfortunately, only people gifted with “inner sight” can see these colors. Luckily for the rest of us, we can learn a lot about ourselves just by understanding the meaning of our favorite color.

red colorology

Red – the most forcible of colors. It is all about a headstrong nature. People who favor red have fiery tempers yet are extremely brave in how they live their lives. Red signifies boldness, passion and love of adventure.

black colorology

Black – people who love black are by no means dull or dark in mind or manner. In fact, black is the symbol of dignity. These people are gentle and live their lives in an understated but classy manner.

orange colorology

Orange – if your favorite color is orange you are probably very independent. Orange is the color of ambition and success. Also, getting what you want is more important than having popularity. People who favor orange can come off as overconfident which can cause people to be mistrustful of you. Bottom line… show people you genuinely like them so they can like you in return.

green colorology

Green – the color of nature. People who love green are sentimental and slow to anger. Just like nature they can be friendly, determined and fixed in their ways. One problem though, when they think they are right nothing can change their minds.

blue colorology

Blue – Blue lovers have as many mood changes as there are shades of blue. Bright daytime blue to dark midnight blue. The secret here is to find the shade of blue you like most and stick with it.

Purple – Purple people can soar to great heights. There is nothing that they feel they can’t accomplish. They love pomp and power. All they need to do is keep their feelings of superiority in line with reality.

white colorology

White – This color has always been the symbol of purity. People who favor white are careful and mild in manner. They are understanding of others, sincere, fair and make very loyal friends.


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  1. I love all the colors and at different times I have different moods and I do like to express my mood with a color. Currently, I have been feeling a bit on the red side. I have always love the color and just looking at it makes me feel really good as well.

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