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Cleromancy is the practice in which psychics utilize a complete randomness in order to answer specific questions. For instance, rolling dice to determine an outcome. Cleromancy is the oldest divination of psychic readings.

There are references to Cleromancy in both the Christian and Hebrew bibles. Psychics will talk about “casting lots” which is any collection of small objects that can fall into a particular order or pattern in an effort to reveal signs to answer questions or analyze your situation.  In the bible, this is referenced almost a 100 times.

Cleromancy with dice

In order to perform a successful reading, you will need at least 3 dice. Also be sure to review the definitions of each number that could be revealed on each roll.  Rolling 3 dice will show 3 to 18 numbers, which will equate to 16 meanings. Below I will list the meanings.


18 = Success

17 = your plans are changing

16 = travel

15 = you need care

14 = you will receive help from a friend

13 = grief

12 = good news is coming your way

11 = illness

10 = birth

9 = love

8 = external influences

7 = problems in business

6 = loss

5 = your wishes will come true

4 = unpleasantness

3 = a surprise and good luck is coming your way.

You will have to ask a question before rolling the die.

Whatever number the 3 dice add up to after rolling will be the basis of the answer to your question.