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When and How to Cleanse your Home Pt 1

home cleansing items

Unlocking psychic abilities can be a very exciting experience. However it can also come with some undesired results. There are ways to manage the unexpected occurrences that will come up. Spirit cleansing your house is one of the things that will become necessary as you open up your mind to your full potential.

When to Spirit Cleanse

cleanse with burning sage
If you have begun to feel as if you are not alone in your home any more. Perhaps personal possessions have begun disappearing and reappearing in different locations. Maybe your electronics seem to have an electrical issue. Alternatively pets may have begun acting strange or skittish. Moreover you may have become uncomfortable being alone in your own home. On the other hand it may be more obvious, you may hear tapping or knocking sounds, possibly even footsteps. More importantly if you are now afraid to be alone in your home it is time to do a spirit cleanse.

non demonic spirit cleansing

What You Will Need

For a thorough, non-demonic spirit cleansing you will need a religious talisman. This may be a cross, Star of David, or any other iconic symbol that is meaningful to you. You can carry it with you or wear it whichever makes you feel more comfortable. Kosher or sea salt throughout history salt has been believed to have protective properties. Holy water which can be obtained at most catholic churches. A sage smudge stick as well as a white candle and a way to light them.