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Clairsentient Psychics

Intro to Clairsentience

clairsentient psychics

Have you ever felt the emotions of others? Have you directly experienced a physical and emotional state of another person whether it be their past, future, or in the present? If you have, you may already know this is clairsentience. It’s a clear sensing of another person’s emotions or physical well-being.


Not all psychics can relate to this experience or are born with such a gift. Clairsentients can absorb information from people’s houses, buildings, and outside areas. Many psychics can use their five senses to achieve this, however, gifted clairsentient psychics can achieve this without using their five senses.

psychic senses

Not only psychics can have this ability.  Have you ever walked into a situation such as buying a house and sensed something just didn’t feel right?  This is a form of clairsentience and experiencing these feelings is completely normal.


Clairsentience is one psychic ability that is underrated and often under-utilized. Clairsentient psychics not only experience the feelings of others, but animals, spirits, and physical structures that have come into contact with any of the aforementioned. Not only can clairsentience psychics sense these emotions but they experience them directly in their mind and body much as you or I would experience our own emotions.