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Holiday Superstitions

Christmas Superstitions

Holiday Superstitions

We are all familiar with some of the basic superstitions surrounding Christmas. For example if you are bad you will receive coal has been said so frequently it’s no longer even recognized as a superstition. However there are many more. Christmas itself is a holiday full of superstitions and folklore. Here are a few superstitions with the most influential potential in our modern day life. (and a few just for fun.)

Xmas Babies

Xmas Baby Superstition

There is a modern superstition that babies born on Christmas will be lucky in life. This Christmas superstition can be dated back as far as 1525. Then in 1787 the superstition shifted to say that children born on Christmas eve, or day cannot see spirits. Then in 1878 the superstition shifted again. This time to the belief that those born on Christmas day could never be drowned or hanged. The current belief simply stating those babes born on Christmas day are lucky. This came about in 1957 and is still held as truth to this day.

Christmas Decorations

xmas decoration superstition

Candles especially the yule candle, should not be lit until Christmas Eve. Once any candles are lit they should not be moved or snuffed until Christmas day. It is believed that if a candle is not burning on Christmas Eve or there will be a death in the house.

Mistletoe some believe that mistletoe should never be brought into a home before New Year’s day or you will have bad luck. Adversely the more common superstition is that one who avoids a kiss under the mistletoe will have bad luck, however the man should present the woman he intends to kiss with a mistletoe berry. Once the berries are gone, the kissing stops. The leaves should be left until it is replaced the next year to avoid bad luck.

Holly and Ivy are most often found on churches at Christmas time. They are held in high esteem and cherished. It is believed that if you take a small branch of them home and hang it, it will bring about luck in the coming year. Holly is also said to bring protective magic against lightning and witches.

Various Xmas Superstitions

Xmas Superstitions

It is believed that nothing but unavoidable work should even be thought of during Christmas.

Whoever is first to open a door in the home should say “Welcome father Christmas.” Also the first person to come downstairs should take a broom and sweep trouble from the threshold.

Decorations should all be removed by the twelfth day. Candles, cards, decorations all traces of Christmas. It is believed to bring about a death if it is not. The remaining decorations are believed to mark the spot of the person who will pass. There will also be bad luck for anyone dwelling in a home that still has decorations up after the Twelfth night.

These are just a few of the many that have accumulated over the years. Hopefully if you take heed of these then you will be blessed with good luck in the coming year.

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  1. I just love Christmas superstitions and folktales as well. They so bring about and out the miracles and magic of the holidays past and present.

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