Children Lines

Your children lines will be vertical lines under your pinky finger (smallest finger), they can also be between your ring finger and your pinky finger. These lines do not necessarily have to be children that you give birth too either, they can be adopted, fostered, nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc, any children that you are close with can be within these lines.

Children that are lost, as in miscarriages, stillbirths can also be seen in these lines, the lines will then appear, shorter, fainter, and softer. Also children with health issues can be seen in these lines, if the vertical lines have a bump in the lines, or they cut off at some point, this is the area your child may have a difficulty in, if you look at the lines as a person (head is at the top of the pinky to the feet which is the bottom of the line) if there is a defect in your line at some point this is where the difficulty in your child could be for instance if there is a break in the line where your child knee would be they may have difficulty with their knees.


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