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Dinosaur Chasing

Dreams of Being Chased

dinosaur chasing

A dream scenario that people often experience is one that involves or centers around the sense of being chased. Chasing dreams often are described as having a sense that a predator is trailing or giving chase. These perceived predators can range from people, animals, to bizarre monsters or other-worldly figures.

The figures giving chase during a dream have typically come to represent the people or things that are currently interacting with the dreamer during his or her waking life. Dreamers may try to outwit the pursuer or run away. This dream reaction can reflect how one might wish to handle a threatening situation or person in real life.

silhouette running away

Chase-dreams often result from feelings of general anxiety or paranoia experienced in the waking hours. Feelings of being overstretched at work or pressures in a relationship can trigger this type of dream.

Dreams of being chased can even represent problems or issues in dealing with reality or being in denial about a previous event or set of events. Feelings of being threatened or unsafe in in a person’s waking life can manifest as dreams of being chased by snakes and other serpents. A snake can symbolize an embarrassing or uncomfortable situation, or a forthcoming situation an individual finds difficult to face.

dream chased

As always, dreams can and should allow for times of inner-flection and dreams of being chased are no exception. Giving yourself time to ponder your anxieties and express these feeling with family, friends, colleagues, and even psychics, can help one come to an inner resolution.