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Channeling is when a, individual known as a  “channeler” says that he or she has been taking over by a spirit and this spirit talks through the channeler.


Now this is all claims, no one has actually been able to determine whether or not this is true. In 1972 is when channeling became popular when a book called “Jane Speaks” was published  by Jane Roberts and her husband claiming that Jane was channeled by a spirit and talked through the spirit to her husband Robert. So after this book was published many people have believed that channeling is indeed real. Religions, and many others believe this. Whether it is true or not is for you to believe in.


Channeling would be in the same category as a medium, a medium is someone who is summoned for a Seance, who then summons a spirit by using candles, and at least 3 other people to channel a spirit, but mediums do not always claim to be taking over by spirits, but rather spirits talk to the medium to communicate through them to another person.


Can we say that channeling is unreal? No, can we claim that it is real? No, however like any other claim we have to be open to the fact that this could be possible. Many people are believers, many are not, only you can decide what you feel, or what you think.