How to change your Luck if you’ve been cursed

If you have had an unusual strain of bad luck, or if you are used to things just always going wrong for you, it’s easy to become frustrated. Whether you find your series of unfortunate events to be a new development or something you’ve adapted to, it’s not something you have to continue to endure. We’re here to help you break the cycle.


The Cause of the Curse


While it is all too easy to want to blame someone or something else for when things go wrong in life, more often than not that’s not the case. For a rare few there may be external forces at work causing all the bad luck, however, most of us are not victims of anything more than our own thoughts. To begin turning your luck around, you must first accept responsibility for your actions and choices that may have led you to where you are. Your fears and beliefs are keeping you prisoner. Let them go.

The Power of Positivity


Words and thoughts have more power over the world around us than most people realize. How often have you heard the phrase “spoken into existence?” If you often find yourself telling people “I have such bad luck,” or “I must be cursed.” Stop immediately. You’re words and thoughts affect the energy around you, as well as you own perception of your life.

 Be the Change


If you want to be lucky consider yourself lucky. Take a moment to analyze your life and your past luck. When you lost your job did a better opportunity present itself? If you lost a friend was the friendship possibly toxic? Are you happier and more fulfilled now with the changes your “bad luck” has brought you? Perhaps what you thought where bad things in your friendships, career, or family life where actually changes that needed to be made to better your life. Change your luck by choosing to see the good luck the bad situations actually brought about. Choose each morning to live that day in happiness and hope and reflect on all of the positive things around you. Dwelling on the bad things will only hold you back from finding a true sense of inner peace.


Change your attitude about life, and watch how your life changes!



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