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Chakra Crystals And Gemstones

Chakra Crystals and Gemstones

chakra crystals and gemstones

This blog is about how Chakra crystals and gemstones help bring our systems into balance. These stones have a healing effect on us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They help unblock our chakras so we can maintain balance.

Let’s have a look…

garnet stone red chakra

The Root Chakra’s color is red. It can also be brown/black and gray. This Chakra balances our physical energy and keeps us grounded. The Chakra stones are: garnet, onyx, red jasper and obsidian.

carnelian stone

The Sacral Chakra’s color is orange. This Chakra is about bringing our emotions and creativity into balance. The stones associated with this Chakra are: citrine, carnelian, and coral.

malachite stone

The Solar Plexus Chakra’s color is yellow. This Chakra needs our will power and self-esteem brought into balance. The stones that help with this healing are: calcite, malachite, and topaz.

Jade stone

The Heart Chakra’s color is green. This Chakra is associated with bringing the physical and spiritual into balance in the body. The Heart Chakra stones are: jade, jasper, and emerald.

blue lace agate

The Throat Chakra’s color is blue. This Chakra is associated with communication and expression. The stones used to keep this in balance are: aquamarine, turquoise, and blue lace agate.


The Third Eye Chakra’s color is indigo. This Chakra is where our intuition resides. The stones used to heal this Chakra are: amethyst, moldavite and purple fluorite.


The Crown Chakra’s color is violet to white. It is associated with our higher consciousness and getting in touch with the universe. The Crown Chakra is represented by clear quartz, amethyst and diamond.

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  1. When meditating I find is very useful to use/ hold an Amethyst stone to connect more with my Crown Chakra better and higher consciousness.

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