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Celtic Symbolism – The Pentacle


The symbol of a five pointed star has become very familiar with all of the jewelry and movies these days. Most people recognize them as a magical symbol, however, there is much more to a pentacle than just identifying its wearer as a pagan. The Pentagram is a sacred symbol in many countries including Egypt, Persia, and Greece.  

What is the Pentacle a symbol of?


Depending on who you speak with the pentacle is the Star of the Goddess. The wild rose, with its five petals, is a symbol of the Goddess, of Venus, Aphrodite, motherhood, regeneration and eternal life. In Celtic tradition the pentacle was ascribed to the Godhead. It was a symbol for Hygeia, the Goddess of Health. And its symbolic origins may lie with the Goddess Kore, or Ceres. Her sacred fruit is the apple. If you cut an apple through its equator, both halves will reveal a near-perfect pentagram shape at the core and each point of the star holds a seed – the deep mystery of all potential. A small twig of English Oak also reveals a five pointed star at its heart.


 Representations of pentacle

When associated with the feminine, and representing the power of the Mother Goddess the three upper points represent the three aspects of the Goddess: the Maiden, Mother and Crone.The two points below represent the aspects of God in both the light and dark phase of the year.The circle symbolizes the Spirit and aspects of humanity.

The Pentacle can also be used as an interpretation of the five stages of life. Starting with birth, then youth, adulthood, old age, and finally death.The Pentacle stages

It is also often used to represent the 5 elements. The upper right point being the mind, reasoning and analysis, is related to the East, swords and dawn. The lower left point represents Fire, the energy, passion and creativity, is related to the South, the rods and noon. The right bottom point represents the Water, emotions, love and healing, is related to the West, the sunset and the cauldron or chalice. The upper left point represents the Earth, the union with the Mother, security and growth is related to the North, the night and the pentacle. Finally the top center point represents the Spirit, the Goddess, the divine forces and our connection with them, is the Light.

The Pentacle is widely used today in witchcraft however it has nothing to do with the invocation of evil, its use is related to the four elements, the energy of spirit and connection to the Goddess.